From Anime Waves: By all the usual measures, he could be considered a pretty useless guy: a scholastic failure, an athletic disaster, and a chronic loser... But Fukuda Shinichi has one passion: cheering for others The 18-year-old captain of North Kanto Southern High s Cheerleading squad decides to make the most of his summer by attending cram school in Tokyo, only to find out that the whole trip was a sham Things are looking up when he and his friend meet up with two cute Tokyo girls too bad the girls brought them to a rip-off bar and took off Ditched by his one remaining friend and stuck with an impossibly high bar bill, Fuku-kun s life couldn t get any worse But just then he g

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337 Byooshi

by KUBO Mitsurou published by Kodansha

tags Comedy,Shounen


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