From MegKF: A senior high school student, Yi-chen, is a girl s comic lover. She likes to draw girl s comic and share them with her friends who joined the quot Comic Association quot in the school. Ching-ching, Yi-chan s schoolmate, draws shoujo manga very well, and thinks that quot Comic Association quot should not necessarily exist because their drawing level is too low. Yi-chan is very angry and bets that she will win Ching-ching in this year s quot Manga Competition quot otherwise the quot Comic Association quot will be terminated. At that day, she met a boy, Cheng-yio, who transferred to her class. Although Yi-chan did not agree, Cheng-yo moved in Yi-chan s house by coinciden

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Comic Lover Dream

by CHENG Huei-Yuan published by Tong Li

tags Romance,Shoujo


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